Our mission:

Launching in 2014 on web and mobile, with EMR integration and APIs to follow, our mission is to radically improve the way clinicians, providers, and software systems find, evaluate, and apply medical evidence to patients, thereby reducing costs and saving lives.

We gather and structure medical evidence and treatment guidelines with a unique, future-facing vision, tagging and ranking them for clinician use while also rendering them efficient and impactful for EMRs, devices, and emerging systems that depend on smart access to this critical, ever-evolving knowledge base.

Learn more:

To apply for our beta test list, please email beta@bigevidence.com

For press and investor inquiries, please email founders@bigevidence.com

About us:

Bigevidence was co-founded by an MD/PhD and an Internet executive, both passionate about improving the quality of healthcare.

Our approach leverages work initiated with a generous grant from the National Stroke Association under the auspices of UCSF.

We are grateful members of the Rock Health healthcare startup incubator.